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Orange County Domestic Violence Charges

Can the victim drop charges?

California domestic violence law states that even if a victim decides to withdraw accusations or doesn't want you arrested, you may still be arrested and prosecuted on domestic violence charges. The Orange County District Attorney may decide to go ahead with the criminal case even if the victim decides to drop charges. The case will go away only if the prosecution decides to drop charges.

The Challenge

Domestic violence charges are not easy to defend. In fact, the effects of domestic violence on a family are devastating. It particularly causes long-term psychological problems for the children involved in such situations. The Defending Domestic Violencenature of someone's relationship, the complexities involved and a difference in perspectives make domestic violence cases possibly among the most complex.

Those who cause serious injuries or psychological harm to their partners or children must be prosecuted. But there are many things that could go wrong as Orange County law enforcement officials investigate these cases. Whom do they choose to believe? Why is one person's story better than another person? Who caused the physical injuries during the incident? What's the history of the relationship and what are the patterns of behavior of the people involved? These are all questions to be answered during an investigation, but how truthfully and how accurately are they answered?

The Role of an Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney

Given the seriousness of the charges and the complexity of these cases, you need a skilled Orange County domestic violence attorney, who will not only present your side of the story in a credible manner, but is well versed in California state law and help you minimize the charges you face.

District attorneys these days are extremely aggressive when it comes to pursuing domestic violence cases. Many states provide special funding to prosecute these cases. There are special family courts to try these case and law enforcement agencies even set up a special investigation unit for domestic violence cases. It is the job of a good defense attorney to make sure that the prosecution has not overlooked evidence that proves your innocence.

At Coffey and Coffey, we are Orange County specialists who focus on local domestic violence, domestic abuse and spousal abuse cases. Our extensive experience in dealing with Orange County domestic violence cases and our unique experience in the Orange County court system, help us achieve the best possible results for you or a loved one who has been accused of committing an act of domestic violence in Orange County.

Don't lose your career, dignity and peace of mind over an unwarranted domestic violence charge. Don't allow yourself to think you are guilty before any fact has been established or proven. Don't consult people who are not professionals for a legal opinion.

If you or someone you know has been charged with domestic violence or domestic abuse in Orange County, call Coffey and Coffey immediately for a free initial consultation.

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