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Orange County Criminal ArrestOrange County Specialists - Being faced with criminal charges is a very serious and frightening experience. The consequences of an arrest and a criminal record can be severe and life altering. If you have been arrested in Orange County, contact one of our experienced criminal defense lawyers at Coffey & Coffey for a free initial consultation. We have evening and weekend appointments available.

Orange County Criminal Defenses CasesOur Orange County criminal defense attorneys handle a wide variety of criminal cases including DUI, domestic violence, warrants, drug crimes, violent crimes and many others. Because they focus on Orange County criminal cases exclusively, Mike and Patrick have a history of obtaining the most favorable results because of their attention to detail and their experience with the Orange County Courts.

Orange County Criminal DefenseCriminal charges can have a life lasting effect on you and your loved ones. Some criminal charges, including DUI and domestic violence, can leave you facing fines, probation and maybe even a prison sentence. If you have been arrested in Orange County on criminal charges, you need to contact one of our Orange County criminal defense attorneys immediately. The decisions you make now can seriously affect the rest of your life. Your case should be assessed by an attorney who understands the unique facts of your Orange County criminal case and knows how the law applies to your circumstances.

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Coffey & Coffey is committed to providing effective, discreet and reasonably priced legal representation in Orange County. No one should go through this kind of ordeal alone. If you or someone you know has a criminal law case in Orange County and needs legal counsel or assistance of experienced and aggressive criminal defense lawyers, please contact Coffey & Coffey today toll free at 800-706-7888, or complete our contact form to schedule your free initial consultation.

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